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Threshold Tool

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The tool computes an irregular VOI (Volume of Interest) containing all voxels that are defined by a given threshold value (outlined by a contour) just containing or connected to the current cut position.

You can generate new VOIs or overwrite already existing ones. VOIs can be re-named and re-colored. The color of the contour will change correspondingly. VOI statistics are shown immediately. You can choose a specific VOI (e.g. to view its statistics, etc.) in the VOI index spinbox.

The tool generates overlapped irregular VOIs for different thresholds. In Vinci 3.x, the overlap is saved in the Vinci project file.


Image filename

press the double-head-button to choose the image for which you want to create the threshold-bounded VOIs (value image).

Show threshold contour at

activate the checkbox to see the threshold chosen in the spinbox as contour line.

3D-sampling with next-neighbor interpolation - you can press the

apply-button to change the image’s 3D-interpolation mode to next-neighbor.


the new image-button create a new VOI image for the chosen value image, see above. The combobox to the right of the button allows you to choose between already existing VOI images compatible with the chosen value image.


in combination with the edit-field to the right of the button, you can rename already created threshold-VOIs.


you can change the color of already created VOIs with the color-spinbox. VOI-Index - you can determine the index of the VOI you want to create (overwrite) with the VOI-Index spinbix, or show properties of already existing VOIs.

take only voxels connected to the current cut-position

activate this checkbox if you want the VOI to contain only voxels 3D-connected to the current cut-position.

overwrite existing Threshold VOI

activate this checkbox to overwrite (create) the VOI with the index displayed in the spinbox to the left.

Cut-Cursor Button

the cut-cursor button is a kind of shortcut to enter cutmode and choose the voxel that will be the seed for the creation of the (connected) Threshold VOI.


press this button to actually create the Threshold VOI.

VOI Statistics

this text-field shows the statistics of a newly created VO or, more generally, of the VOI chosen with the VOI-Index spinbox.

Open VOI Define

the button opens the VOI Define tool with the current VOI image and VOI.

Open VOI Manipulation

the button opens the VOI Manipulation tool with the current VOI image and VOI.

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