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Talairach Tool

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The Talairach tool applies the proportional grid system transformation to compute the Talairach coordinates at the cursor position. They are displayed in the OrthoDisplay info line if you activate the Show Talairach coordinates checkbox (Talairach activation).


Talairach landmarks

you define a landmark by choosing it in the position and pressing the Set button. The Find button shows already defined positions. You must define all of the following eight landmarks:

  • AC - top-behind to the anterior commisure,
  • PC - below the posterior commisure,
  • left - most lateral point of the parietotemporal cortex (left hemisphere),
  • right - most lateral point of the parietotemporal cortex (right hemisphere),
  • anterior - most anterior point of the frontal cortex,
  • posterior - most posterior point of the occipetal cortex,
  • superior - highest, most superior (most dorsal) point of the parietal cortex,
  • inferior - lowest, most inferior (most ventral) point of the temporal cortex.

NOTE: The landmarks and the setting to show an image with Talairach or default image coordinates are saved in the Vinci project file.

Adopt Talairach landmarks

Talairach landmarks that you set in one image buffer can be re-used in any co-registered image buffer. You choose the image buffer in the drop down list and press the Adopt button. Talairach coordinates will be activated immediately.

This is the preferred way to define Talairach landmarks on a PET image using the anatomical information from a co-registered MR study.

CAVEAT: Make sure the two images are really co-registered; otherwise the displayed Talairach coordinates may be incorrect.

Find Position

you can input Talairach coordinates [mm], press the Find button and the image will be cut at the given position.


setting and deleting a Talairach landmark and deleting all Talairach landmarks can be undone/redone, as can Talairach activation and adoption of Talairach landmarks defined on a co-registered image buffer.


the algorithm assumes that the interhemispheric fissure lies on a vertical plane while you set the landmarks.

WARNING: Make sure this is exactly fulfilled; otherwise the diplayed Talairach coordinates may be incorrect.

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