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Joined Histogram Tool

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the following keywords are defined and will be replaced by the actual values in Text, Excel or OpenOffice template files. Comparison is case-sensitive so far.

General tags - used in output general header

Tags Format Description
$TOOLVERSION String version of joined histogram tool
$VINCIVERSION String version of Vinci
$VINCIPROJECT String full file name of autosaved project file
$PROJECTSIGNATURE String MD5 check sum in autosaved project file
$TIMESTAMP String date and time of table creation
$VOIIMAGEFILE String full file name of the VOI image
$NUMBER_OF_IMAGES String number of selected images
$RESLICING_IMAGE_VAR String capital character designating the image the other images are resliced to
$RESLICING_INTERPOLATION3D String 3D interpolation method used during reslicing (TriLinear or Next Neighbor)
$RESUME String resume written at the table end containing number of voxels and images

Image specifics

Tags Format Description
$IMAGE_VAR String capital character designating an image in image loops (A, B, …)
$IMAGEFILE String full file name of the image
$IMAGEINFO String additional image information (e.g. “frame 1”)
$UNITS String image units
$DIMENSION String dimension of the image, format <Integer> x <Integer> x <Integer>
$PIXELSIZE String pixel size of the image in [mm], format <Float (g)> x <Float (g)> x <Float (g)>
$VOXELVOLUME Float (g) volume of one voxel in [mm≥]; all images get resliced to the image with the biggest voxel

VOI specifics - independent of the image

Tags Format Description
$ITEMNAME String VOI name
$ITEMTYPE String VOI Type (Boid, Ellipsoid, Cuboid, Spheroid)
$VOXELS Integer number of voxels for the given display size (used with VOIs)

VOI statistics - depend on the image

Tags Format Description
$AVERAGE Float (g) mean in VOI statistics computation
$SUM Float (g) sum of voxels values within the VOI; useful for further elaborate computations
$STDDEV Float (g) standard deviation of image values in the VOI (division by N)
$STDDEVPERCENT Float (f1.1) standard deviation in [%] of the average value
$MINIMUM Float (g) minimum of image values in the VOI
$MAXIMUM Float (g) maximum of image values in the VOI
$COMMENT String VOI computation comment: empty or [resampled]. The later means that the VOI gets computed on an image that has another geometry than the image the VOI is defined on.

Voxel specifics - depend on the VOI and the image

Tags Format Description
$VOXEL_ID Integer voxel number
$IMAGE_VALUE Float (g) value of the (resliced) image at the given voxel $VOXEL_ID

Loop identifiers

Starttags Endtags Description
<!– $IMAGELISTSTART –> <!– $IMAGELISTSTART –> loop over the selected images
<!– $VOISTART –> <!– $VOIEND –> loop over the selected VOIs
<!– $HEADLINESTART –> <!– $HEADLINEEND –> displays VOI information independent of the image
<!– $VALUELINESTART –> <!– $VALUELINEEND –> loops over all voxels of the currently hanled VOI

The bottom three groups of identifiers may contain image list loops themselves to show their information for all images.

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