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Multi-Frame Movies

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Multi-Frame Movies is a plugin that displays consecutive frames of a multi-frame image or image series and writes them to a movie file.


movie type

this dropdown configures the format of the output movie file, see Movie Formats.


controls the playback speed.

play endless loop

activate to repeat the movie when playing.


starts playing the movie backwards.


starts playing the movie.

to first

changes the currently displayed frame to the first in the file.

to last

changes the currently displayed frame to the last in the file.

step backward

goes one frame back.

step forward

goes one frame forward.


stops a currently played/written movie.


opens a dialog that asks for a filename. If a name is chosen, starts also writing the movie.


this spinbox allows to view a specific frame.

show info text

if activated, the frame number is displayed in the movie.

Movie formats

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